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Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Photoslide header

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Description of options available in Image Show implementation for this template:

  • show_list - (true/false) enable/disable showing of articles list
  • list_title_small - (string) defines first smaller part of articles list title
  • list_title_big - (string) defines second bigger part of articles list title
  • list_char_count - (integer) defines maximal amount of chars in articles list item
  • list_text_overflow - (string) text which is added at end of every articles list item longer than list_char_count value
  • image_position - (right/left) - position of Image Show image.
  • list_position - (left/right) - position of articles list
  • art_width - (integer in range 1-100) - width (in percents) of article block. Articles list block width is adjusted automatically.
  • title - (true/false) - enable/disable title of an article
  • title_link - (true/false) - enable/disable link in title of an article
  • clean_xhtml - (true/false) - enable/disable using function strip_tags in articles content (if it is enabled you will lose all formatting in article content)
  • wordcount - (integer) amount of words in article content
  • readmore_button - (true/false) - enable/disable readmore button in article
  • readmore_text (string) - defines text in readmore button
  • anim_type - (top/bottom/opacity) - type of animation used for text
  • animation_speed - (integer) - defines animation speed in miliseconds
  • animation_interval - (integer) - defines interval between slides in miliseconds
  • autoanimation - (true/false) - defines if autoanimation is enabled
  • interface - (true/false) enable/disable prev/next buttons
  • interface_animation - (true/false) enable/disable animation of buttons when cursor is over/out of Image Show module

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